This book is a collection of heart-warming letters, but be warned, they may bring a tear to your eye. Each letter paints a picture of hope in the life’s simple pleasures – finding a shop selling rice, being able to wash after so long without running water, a farmer friend delivering eggs. It’s these little moments that news coverage, although excellent, fails to cover. Anne brings it all to life and makes you thankful for what you have. And then you feel the need to help. The book is also an insight into the Japanese and how their culture shapes the way they cope with disaster. I recommend it to everyone, especially anyone with a love of Japan and its people.”

– Chella Ramanan, UK


This woman who had become an accidental writer for so many, filling in a needed void, had made my own meandering writer’s life meaningful, had reminded me that the observations of one person could be just exactly the medicine the world was looking for.”

– Amanda Kovattana, San Carlos, California, USA


Beautifully said and so heartfelt. I am in tears reading it, not for fears for your safety, but for your wonderful courage and capacity to live through this time in history from the perspective that you have just expressed.”

– Lynne Dorning Sands, aboard ship SV Amarula, South Africa


Your stories are so poignant…”

– Ada Rotkiewicz, Allen, Texas, USA


You continue to amaze me. Your letters have reached over 100,000 people now from Sydney to Europe to and across the U.S. I can’t stop reading all the comments your words have generated. Here’s a sampling of the responses you’ve gotten…

“Thanks and blessings from Sydney, Australia! Your blog got picked up by the Sydney Morning Herald ( and will reach millions of souls…”

“Very inspirational! The human SPIRIT is so beautiful.”

“You are touching many lives with your love filled words. THANK YOU for spreading the light.”

– Katie Keenan, Former Web Editor, (now, Portland, Oregon , USA


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