How Your Money Is Working

The process of how your money benefits survivors of The Great East Japan / Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami is as direct and streamlined as possible.

First, and since shipping is included with each online order, proceeds from sales of ‘Letters’ include every penny not spent on printing, binding, or the (approx.) $3 administrative fee that we are charged for each copy of ‘Letters’ sold online.

As our sale volume increases, printing and binding costs decrease considerably, so that more proceeds from each book purchase benefit survivors. These proceeds, along with the entire amount of every online donation made at this site (less bank card/PayPal fees) go directly into a dedicated bank account, administrated by our host non profit organization (NPO).

The Letters’ Advisory Board objectively oversees how these funds are allocated. Among the primary recipients of ‘Letters’ funding is Sendai Yomawari Group, a long established organization serving the needs of Japan’s homeless, a population which is now exploding – especially since, and due to, The Great East Japan / Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.

While large, international non profit organizations (NPOs) have done great, general aid work in post-earthquake and tsunami Japan; many if not most have moved onto address other world crises.

Volunteers at Sendai Yomawari Group – our primary disaster relief agent.

Thus, and in addition to working through Sendai Yomawari Group, ‘Letters’ seeks to address those more dire, specific needs that it can, on a case by case basis. ‘Letters’ Author, Anne Thomas is working closely with Yomawari’s founder, Imai Sensei, to identify such opportunities, which are then reviewed by the entire ‘Letters’ Advisory Board.


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