About BIEM: Our Host NPO

We are grateful for the kind assistance of our host non profit organization, The Block Island Ecumenical Ministries (BIEM), Inc. – a true, interfaith organization of great vision and heart.



A nationally recognized 501 (c) (3) non profit organization, BIEM is based on Block Island, 13 miles off the Rhode Island, USA coast. BIEM forwards every penny of proceeds after expenses from sales of Letters from the Ground to the Heart, as well as donations made at this Website, directly to recipients in dire need in Japan (please also see How Your Money Is Working).

BIEM has also been integrally involved in assisting survivors of The Great East Japan / Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami since shortly after these events, by forwarding donations raised in the course of local fundraising events.

A direct quote from ‘Letters’ serves to perhaps best summarize BIEM’s critically important role in this initiative – yet another example of the generosity that the people of this storied part of New England have, and continue to show on behalf of this initiative:

“The following serves as heartwarming testament to the efforts of a comparatively tiny island coming together in its own, unique way to assist an island nation in its hour of need – half a world away.

Most importantly, this exemplifies the profound ability of the simple acts of kindness that Anne reveals to inspire extraordinary compassion in individuals of all ages and persuasions, and entire communities alike – whose only affinity with a distant culture and people is to act as one on their behalf – in the very best spirit of humanity.”


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